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采访/ Chris Poppy
翻译/ Vanilla Lee
(English Version: See Below)


J = Johnannes








J:我们已经发行了一张专辑 (Nachtmensch)。之后我们就一直忙着诸多的演出和专辑的宣传活动。同时我们也在疯狂地创作着新专辑,这张专辑预计于2014年春季发行。

J:我们被“Initiative Musik”选入了他们所资助的为数不多的乐队之一,“Initiative Musik” 由德国联邦政府设立,是一家促进德国音乐产业发展的资助机构。

J:有很多有意思的德国乐队。比如Casper, Kraftklub, OK Kid, Jennifer Rostock, Chakuza, 或者CRO,我们自己就是这些乐队的歌迷。但他们当中没有人能够代表我们的音乐风格,以及我们比任何人都更加努力工作的雄心!

1 How do you get to know each other and how do you get along together?
J: We all used to live in the same neighbourhood and attended to the same schools.
It’s been about 4 years now and we’re really good friends, also fighting a lot, like it should be!

2 How do the five of you collaborate in the process of song writing?
J: There are a lot of processes. Most of the time one has an idea or a concept; the others then bring in their own thoughts. Melodies of the vocals and the musical background develop in parallel.

3 How have you developed your current musical style, this unique combination of guitar rock music and dubstep electro?
J: We’ve been trying out to integrate a lot of other musical elements. It’s been a long process. First we reduced to the absolute basics, then added some harmonies and instruments we examined exactly.
All in all we don’t like to call it dubstep, we don’t do dubstep. But of course it’s the one genre everybody seems to recognize at once/first.

4 However, Exclusive had a different sound two years ago, what was the reason for the radical change?
J: To be honest, we were so bored of the Sound we had been making, it wasn’t challenging at all, so we reflected. The only reason we had been playing Britrock/Indie Rock was because everybody did. But we gained a lot experience in this time, and got to know a lot of interesting people, including all the guys from our current label, which also makes us who we are as a band today.

5 Another thing is the lyrics, your old songs were in English, now it’s all in German, why?
J: While reflecting we asked ourselves: Why do we sing and write English lyrics?
We are German. It’s our native language.
So “Nachtmensch” was our first song to be written with German lyrics.
And the first time we heard it, we were speechless. From that point we felt absolutely confident about our German lyrics!

6 Which bands or what kind of music do you usually listen, what would you consider as your musical influence?
J: Besides only listening to Indie-artists 2-3 years ago, we opened up our minds for every kind of musical influence! It doesn’t matter anymore which genre somebody represents, as long as you do it good, authentic and have your own line you follow.
We listen to a lot of Hip-Hop, Electronic Music, charts as well as uncharted music, 80s, 90s etc. Just took a look at my Spotify account and staggered surprised for my own.

7 Is there a local music scene in Munich? Such as a core venue and some leading bands?
J: There was a very big Indie-music scene some years ago.
But Berlin has made up to be the artistic capital; anyway you can see something happening here again. Munich is going to increase again in musical importance!

8 What have you achieved so far, and what are you aiming for?
J: We’ve released one Album (Nachtmensch) yet. Since then we’ve been playing a lot of shows and been promoting this record.
At the same time we’re writing like crazy on our new album, which is going to be released in spring 2014.

9 As “starving” independent musicians, how do you support yourselves, have you ever received any official support from any governmental institutions?
J: We were chosen to be one of the very few to be supported by the “Initiative Musik” , which is a funding agency set up by the German federal government to promote music industry in Germany.

10 Are there any other German bands that emerged in recent years you would consider as representative?
J: There are a lot of good and interesting German bands we’re fan of ourselves like Casper, Kraftklub, OK Kid, Jennifer Rostock, Chakuza, or CRO, but none of them representative for our style of music and our ambition to work harder than everybody else does!